Elden Ring is a popular action role-playing game. One of the most sought-after armors is Blaidd’s Armor. This guide will help you get Blaidd’s Armor step by step.

Who is Blaidd?

Blaidd is a half-wolf character in Elden Ring. He is a fierce warrior and has a unique set of armor. Getting his armor can be tricky, but it’s worth it.

Why Get Blaidd's Armor?

Blaidd’s Armor is not just stylish. It also offers great protection. This armor set is ideal for players who want both form and function.

Why Get Blaidd's Armor

Steps to Get Blaidd's Armor

Follow these steps to get Blaidd’s Armor in Elden Ring.

  1. Find Blaidd

  2. Blaidd can be found in various locations. The most common place is the Mistwood Ruins. Listen for his howling to locate him.

  3. Speak to Merchant Kale

  4. After finding Blaidd, go to the Church of Elleh. Speak to Merchant Kale. He will give you a Snap Gesture.

  5. Use the Snap Gesture

  6. Go back to Mistwood Ruins. Use the Snap Gesture to call Blaidd. He will appear and speak to you.

  7. Complete Blaidd’s Quest

  8. Blaidd will give you a quest. You need to defeat a specific enemy.

Blaidd’S Armor FAQ

To start Blaidd’s questline, talk to Ranni the Witch in Ranni’s Rise after defeating Royal Knight Loretta.

Blaidd’s armor set can be obtained after defeating Blaidd at Ranni’s Rise during Ranni’s questline.

Blaidd’s armor provides high physical and magic resistance, making it ideal for balanced defense.

Yes, you can upgrade Blaidd’s armor using Smithing Stones at any blacksmith in the game.

Yes, Blaidd’s armor offers balanced defense and is suitable for both beginners and experienced players.

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